At Work+ our clients have private meeting room access without the typical overhead expenses. Whether you need space for conferences, presentations, workshops, clients meetings, or office work parties, we have the flexibility to meet all your needs! 


Work+ recognizes that businesses need to be agile in today’s rapidly-changing climate, so we’ve developed an a la carte system to ensure optimal efficiency. Our conference rooms come equipped with everything you need to succeed:



–  Customizable space to suit all needs


–  Fully-furnished with luxurious tables and chairs designed in Italy


–  Lightning-fast, secure fiber optic internet and WiFi


–  State of the art audio-visual equipment for video conferencing, complete with 60” LCD TV monitor


–  Exquisite catering services provided by the best local restaurants




–      1 HOUR  $60

–      4  HOURS  $225

–      DAILY PASS  $450

Conference room for ten people

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